ADTPro Audio Client Configuration

Hitting the "G" key from ADTPro's main menu brings up the ADTPro configuration screen:

You can scroll among the selections with the up and down arrow keys. If your Apple doesn't have up and down arrow keys, the space bar will cycle among the selections.

You can rotate through the options of a particular selection with the right and left arrow keys. Your Apple has right and left arrow keys; trust me.

Blocks at Once

Blocks at Once tunes the number of 512-byte blocks to send "at once" within a transmission packet. A higher number will make disk transfers go faster, but will offer less immediate feedback as you watch the progress bar move. Audio is quite slow in general, and ADTPro benefits greatly from a higher Blocks at Once setting.

Enable Sound

The sound option is, of course, up to you.

ADTPro makes bleating sounds when things finish or abort. I personally think computers should be seen and not heard, but not everyone feels that way. Express your own personal feelings here.

Save Configuration

Hit the "Return" key to work with these parameters. Once you get a configuration that works for you, select "YES" for SAVE CONFIG and hit Return.

This will save a file named ADTPROAUD.CONF to the same place where you started ADTPro from. When you start ADTPro again, it will use the configuration parameters you saved last.