Directory Listing

You can get a listing of the current working directory by hitting the "D" key from the main menu. At first, you are presented with an opportunity to narrow down the files to display:

You can simply leave that blank and hit the Return key; you will then be presented with a view of all the files in the current working directory:

If there is more than one page of results, you can page up and down with the "A" and "Z" keys, respectively. You can scroll up and down through the listing with the arrow keys. If you need to change the current working directory, you must go back to the main menu and use the CD menu option.

If you have many files in your current working directory, you can narrow down the results at first by specifying a wildcard at the initial prompt:

The results will be narrowed down to whatever satisfies your wildcard specification.

Again, if there is more than one page of results, you can flip back and forth among them with the "A" and "Z" keys.