ADTPro Virtual Drive - Serial/ProDOS

Once you've established your serial connection between your Apple II and the ADTPro host server, boot or otherwise access the VDRIVE-v.r.m.DSK image on the Apple II side. It will start with some brief instructions:

The serial VSDRIVE driver will automatically search for compatible hardware and use it. The slot that the serial hardware is in is independent of the slot that will be made available to the system as the virtual drives. It is perfectly fine to have the serial adapter in physical slot 2 while the driver makes virtual drives S2D1 and S2D2 available to the system. The driver installation will search for a slot with two available spaces for drives starting with slot 1 and move up to slot 7 until it finds room. If no slots have two devices available, the installer will exit.

There are two versions of the serial driver: VSDRIVE.LOW and VSDRIVE. The VSDRIVE.LOW version will install itself in the main memory of the Apple II, reducing the amount of memory available to BASIC and other programs. The ProDOS Utilities Disk will not work with this version of the driver. The VSDRIVE version will instead overwrite the Disk II driver, making Disk II floppies inaccessible to ProDOS. The ProDOS Utilities Disk is compatible with this version, and it will stay resident even when the ProDOS QUIT code is active.

On a machine with a typical Super Serial card adapter in slot 2 (or IIc/IIc+ or compatibles) this message will be displayed as it starts:

During normal operations with the virtual disk, activity will cause status messages to appear in the server's message areas: